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Eligibility and Process 

The New York State Federation of Democratic Women believes that endorsing candidates for elected office is a positive way to ensure that women's voices are represented in governmental decision-making and legislation. To that end, we will endorse candidates running for office at the state level in the general election who meet our criteria for endorsement and who respond timely to our questionnaire. By committing to support the issues we promote, and advocating for them after they are elected, endorsed candidates will help raise awareness of our mission, bring forward issues of importance to women and be accountable for their actions on our behalf.


Which candidates are eligible? 

  • Enrolled Democrats

  • All gender identities

  • Those running on the Democratic line for non-judicial, statewide or state level office

  • Those who support the objectives and policy positions of the NYSFDW


Which candidates are not eligible?

  • Judicial candidates

  • Those running in a primary

  • Those running on the Republican line

  • Anyone who sympathizes with, who are members of or who have supported any extremist group, individual or ideology

What is the process?

  • Eligible candidates download and complete a questionnaire.

  • Candidates must make themselves available for a virtual interview, if requested by our Endorsement Committee.

  • Endorsements will be announced in the fall, followed by an Awards Dinner where our endorsed candidates will have the opportunity to network and talk about their campaigns. The NYSFDW will not release the names of candidates seeking our endorsement, nor will it make public individual candidate responses.   

  • The NYSFDW will  promote our list of endorsed in the media once the process is complete.

Stay tuned for our 2024 endorsements.


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